Building Co:mmunity 🥰

Building Co:mmunity 🥰

Aidan here, cofounder of Cohere.

Creation runs on community and collaboration. And it’s community that will drive new capabilities on Cohere, get bugs fixed, and establish our Cohere SS22 swag -> dev community pipeline 😈.

That’s why today, I’m stoked to announce our new Discord server where people can share discoveries, talk about what they’re working on, and chat with the team at Cohere.

We’ll also be using the channel to share open positions at Cohere, upcoming events and product updates. Our team is excited at the opportunity to build in the open, share cool projects we’ve been working on internally, and answer all your questions in real-time.

Our existing forum on Cohere’s site will continue to be active and monitored, so please do continue to direct ideas, questions, and feedback there as well. But, it’s just way more fun to hangout on Discord and chat live there.

Can’t wait to meet you all :)))) shoot me a DM when you join!

PS - the first ten people to join and introduce themselves in #introductions get a limited edition Cohere hoodie... so make haste! You can join at