Co:lab Fridays Community Demos — January 23 Recap

Co:lab Fridays Community Demos — January 23 Recap

It’s a brand new year, and that means another chapter of creativity and innovation coming from the Cohere community. Our first co:lab fridays meetup of the year was hosted by Roy Lim, Marketing Events Manager for Dev Community at Cohere, and featured another exciting lineup of cool demos from community members around the world. Check out the recap below, or watch the full session.

This Month’s Hot Topic: The Command Nightly Model

Luis Serrano, our Head of Developer Relations, walked us through Cohere’s newest model — Command Nightly. To reduce the turnaround time for releases, we’re making nightly versions of our Command model available, which means that every week you can expect the performance of Command Nightly to improve. Command is a generative model that responds well with instruction-like prompts, and is available in two sizes. X-Large demonstrates better performance and Medium produces a faster response.

January’s Coolest Demos: Architext, Health-E, F[ai]rytales, and SEM:ANTICS

This month, we were treated to four amazing demos showcasing very different use cases. Be sure to follow the links and check them out yourself!

F[ai]rytales by Andrei Gromov — Andre demoed his Fantasy AI Generator that uses Cohere for text generation and stable diffusion for images. It allows users to create the main text of a fairy tale from a short line and generate illustrations for scenes. See the GitHub repo.

Architext by Theodore Galanos — Theodore presented the world’s first semantic generation platform for architecture. Using nothing more than plain language, users are able to generate a rich variety of residential floor plans. This enables anyone to produce a nearly infinite set of creative designs, regardless of skill level or background. See the GitHub repo

Health-E by Augusto Bonorio and Mostafa Azazy — The team shared their AI assistant for healthcare providers. By combining a custom conversant persona and grounded QA, Health-E app aims to aid in processing patients, extracting relevant information to fill out forms, and providing advice common knowledge advice on applicable scenarios if prompted with a question. See GitHub repo.

SEM:ANTICS by — Faizah Sayyid, Sophia Abolore, Salwa Abdalla, and Majda Lojpur — The team showcased their app that helps people improve written communications to create positive impressions and maintain professional relationships. The app uses Cohere for sentiment analysis and allows users to edit and store emails. See the GitHub repo.

And the Demo of the Month Is …

Luis Serrano headed up the panel of mentors, which also included newly appointed Community Champions, Sangeeta Venkatesan, Sonam Gupta, and Arjun Patel. Community Champions are the most active and dedicated members of our Discord community. They encourage and moderate Discord discussions, build demos and write about it, organize community events, and look for synergies between their day-to-day occupation and Cohere.

The panel evaluated the projects in terms of creativity, complexity, and level of impact. After careful consideration of all four amazing demos, they chose SEM:ANTICS. Congratulations team! They will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with a Cohere co-founder, a special Discord badge, and promotion of their app on our social channels.

Join Us Next Month

Co:lab friday community demos happen on the last Friday of every month. Be sure to Register for our next event on March 31, 12 pm ET!

If you have a Cohere-powered demo you’d like to share at co:lab fridays, please fill out our application form.

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