Co:lab Fridays Community Demos—October Recap

Co:lab Fridays Community Demos—October Recap

Last month, co:lab fridays made one heck of a comeback! Not only did we restart our community meetup after a short break, but we added a few brand-new segments to the agenda. Now happening on the last Friday of every month, co:lab fridays is featuring a lineup of demos from our amazing makers around the world. Here’s a recap of what went down at the first demo event. Watch the full session for all the details.

First and foremost, we kicked off the event with an exciting announcement: our Discord community has surpassed 2000 members! Woohoo!! We’re super grateful to all our members, and to mark the occasion, we’ll send an extra “thank you” gift to our most active members.

This Month’s Hot Topic: Discord Bots

Next, our experiment-obsessed co-founder Nick Frosst spoke about his hot topic of the month: Discord bots. Not only is building Discord bots just plain fun, but the Discord platform makes it increasingly easier to trigger and share them. Nick introduced us to two projects that he’s been involved with: the Grounded QA bot for contextualized search (now open source, see GitHub repo) and the Web LM bot for automating a browser through language. Feel free to contribute to either, and if you’re making your own Discord bot, apply to speak at co:lab or simply approach Sandra Kublik or Nick Frosst on Discord!

Four Awesome Community Demos

Then, we proceeded to the heart of our event: community demos. It was super exciting to see makers from around the world showcase four very different demos:

Perfect Prompt by Arjun Patel–Arjun wanted to solve the problem of slow image generation when trying different prompts using Stable Diffusion and some of the open-sourced models out there today. He used Cohere’s Generate and Classify endpoints to create a one-stop shop for prompt engineering and image generation. Arjun created the app as part of a hackathon hosted by See his GitHub repo.

Project Idea Generator by Tobechukwu Okamkpa–Tobechukwu’s app helps students generate creative project topics based on their discipline. The app allows users to enter their favorite courses in order to generate topics better suited to their interests. He built the app on Streamlit and used the Cohere Generate endpoint and X-Large language model. See his GitHub repo.

SuperTransformer by Amir Nagri and Team Megatron–Amir and team built an AI-assisted email inbox manager that helps busy people organize incoming emails based on urgency and importance. Using Cohere Classify, the app categorizes emails and adds an appropriate action label. The team also built their app during a lablab hackathon. See their GitHub repo.

SCRIPTure by Arnav Kartikeya and Satyajith Bavisetty, Atharva Gupta–Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, this app is a fantasy creature generator that helps creative writers develop new characters that fit their storylines. Given a simple prompt, such as “cave monster,” the app uses Cohere Generate to create an image, description, and even a backstory for a new creature. The team built their app during a Cal Hacks 9.0 hackathon. See their GitHub repo.

And the Demo of the Month Is …

Our demo session ended with our co-founder Aidan Gomez picking his favorite out of the four. It was a tough decision, but Aidan picked the one he could use most right now: SuperTransformer. That means that Amir and team will get a one-on-one mentoring session with Aidan, a special Discord badge, a little promotional love on our social channels, and visibility in our booth at one of our upcoming conferences.

So, October’s a wrap, but November is coming up fast. Co:lab friday community demos happen on the last Friday of every month. Register for our next event on November 25, 12 pm ET!

If you have a Cohere-powered demo you’d like to share at co:lab fridays, please fill out our application form.

P.S. Be sure to join the co:mmunity conversation on Discord, if you haven’t yet!