Cohere Partners with to Host Three Online Hackathons

Cohere Partners with to Host Three Online Hackathons

Hackathons are where the magic of making cool stuff happens. Many startups are born at a hackathon, and it’s also how many friendships and lasting memories are made. Getting together and staying up all night to build something that earns you bragging rights is actually kinda awesome!

The Cohere community is home to experienced hackers, and I'm super stoked to share that we've partnered with, a hackathon community that aims to support developers in building their skills within the artificial intelligence ecosystem. is an organization that hosts online and onsite hackathons leveraging state-on-the-art AI frameworks. Not only do they host awesome events, but they're also constantly innovating, so that their hackathons can have a broader impact.

We are excited to begin collaborating with to further explore the capabilities of the Cohere API. Through this partnership, we will be sponsoring three online hackathons.

The first one will be hosted soon:

Cohere AI Hackathon (episode one)

When: August 19 – 21, 2022
Where: platform and Deep Learning Labs Discord Server

Learn more about the hackathon and enroll today!

And stay tuned — dates for the other two hackathons will be announced soon.

A note to hackathon organizers

If you’re organizing hackathons and are interested in partnering with Cohere, let’s talk! Let us know by filling in this form:

If, by any chance, you are not yet a part of the Cohere Discord server community, join the conversation!