Cohere Partners with Mila to Accelerate the Advancement of NLP Research

Cohere artners with Mila
Cohere x Mila

Like-minded partners can achieve great things together, and language presents an enormous opportunity and thought-provoking challenge for AI researchers and developers alike. That’s why we are so excited to begin collaborating with our newest partner, Mila, to advance scientific research on harnessing the power of language for the benefit of the machine learning community and those affected by language models.

Our Mila partnership announcement follows this week’s launch of research lab Cohere For AI and furthers our commitment to supporting meaningful machine learning research through collaboration.

Mila is a nonprofit AI research institute that’s internationally recognized for its significant contributions to language modeling, machine translation, object recognition, and generative models. Mila’s founder and scientific director, Yoshua Bengio, is a notable leader in the field. In 2018, he was named the “most cited computer scientist per day” and received the Turing Award (known as the “Nobel Prize for computing”).

Our partnership will give Mila, and its nearly 900 researchers and developers worldwide, access to Cohere’s extensive body of open research on applied NLP in real-world use cases. Mila members will gain a deeper understanding of NLP and be better equipped to explore its potential for the greater machine learning ecosystem.

Mila’s EVP, Stéphane Létourneau, said it best: “Together, we share values of building technology that is safe and impartial, and we are inspired by the opportunity to innovate responsibly and increase accessibility to new NLP tools.”

Ivan Zhang, co-founder of Cohere, has been leading the partnership effort and expressed his excitement for its possibilities. “NLP is the next frontier for the next generation of developers and researchers, and alongside Mila’s world-class research community, we’re excited to see what types of ideas will be exchanged and what new discoveries we’ll share. The partnership will allow more researchers to tap into the power of large language models, unlocking a massive amount of opportunities for research.”

Personally, I’m thrilled that Cohere will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with Mila’s diverse community. Both Mila members and Cohere’s teams will be able to learn new perspectives from each other, as well as help develop talent in the field. Along the way, I look forward to uncovering research insights, as well as interesting new use cases for NLP.

Industry collaboration is not new for us, in fact, it’s core to our DNA. Mila joins our cohort of valued partners, including the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Canadian accelerator Communitech. We believe that it's crucial to support like-minded organizations like Mila and our partners, and work together with them to build the foundations for the future of artificial intelligence.

If your organization shares our mission and is interested in partnering with Cohere, let’s talk! Reach out via email at