Co:lab Fridays Community Demos – December Recap

Co:lab Fridays Community Demos – December Recap

The holidays are a time for celebration and community, and what better way to wrap up 2022 than with the coolest demos from Cohere community makers! Our year-end co:lab fridays meetup included a bit of fun with prizes for the most festive community members and a Christmas trivia contest. Check out the recap below, or watch the full session.

This Month’s Hot Topic: Welcoming Luis Serrano to Cohere!

Our special guest this session was Luis Serrano, Cohere’s new Head of Developer Relations, ML educator, founder of popular Serrano Academy YouTube channel, and author of Grokking Machine Learning book. Luis talked about one of his favorite passions: quantum computing. A quantum computer is essentially a generative learning machine, and Luis used an example of a coin flip as one of the simplest generative models that you can imagine because it generates a bit, a 1 or 0, the most basic unit of information. He explained how a quantum computer can learn and expand upon this simplicity to handle more complex data sets and produce the same results. Super cool!

This Month’s Coolest Demos: Meme World, Semantic Paper Search, Baith al suroor

After each of our demos, our panel of Cohere mentors asked questions and provided in-depth feedback.

Meme World by Arsalan Mohammad — Arsalan built a viral meme generator powered by the Cohere API and an image model. His aim was to bring out the humorous side of LLMs, mitigate bias in language models, and explore the potential of a multi-modal approach.

Semantic Paper Searcher by Rahel and Sacha Gunaratne — This interactive tool visualizes research papers on a 2D map with placement based on vector embedding of the summary. It uses Cohere to embed summaries (or abstracts) of each paper into an n-dimensional vector. See their GitHub repo.

Baith al suroor (House of Happiness) by Arsalan Mohammad — Arslan presented a second demo, this time an interior design tool that helps people transform their space. The tool uses the Cohere API in combination with Stable Diffusion to create relevant images that bring a user’s interior design vision to life. Arsalan is looking for collaborators on both of his projects, so hit him up if you are interested!

And the Demo of the Month Is …

This session, our judge was Luis Serrano, who had the difficult job of picking a winning demo. First prize went to Arsalan for Baith al suroor, which deftly combined numerous tools together with impressive results. Arsalan will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with a Cohere co-founder, a special Discord badge, and promotion of his project on our social channels. Honorable mention went to Rahel and Sacha of Semantic Paper Searcher as their tool elegantly handled the challenges of the research paper space. Congrats everyone!

A Little Holiday Cheer

In our December session, we were filled with holiday spirit, and hosted a little competition for the most festive attire. We then got hands on with Elaine’s Trivia Generator and had a Christmas-themed trivia showdown. What country is the home of Santa Claus? Watch the session to find out!

Co:lab friday community demos happen on the last Friday of every month. Be sure to Register for our next event on February 3, 12 pm ET!

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