Cohere Welcomes Martin Kon as President & COO

Cohere Welcomes Martin Kon as President & COO

Senior Google/YouTube Exec to join Cohere, focusing on the enormous commercial opportunity of NLP.

Since Cohere’s beginning, we've been focused on unlocking the vast potential of language for every developer and business. To do that, we’re making natural language processing more accessible to developers, including those without big tech resources or specialized teams. In turn, more businesses have been able to tap into the power of NLP. Just last month, independent research from Stanford confirmed that Cohere has built one of the most accurate commercially available large language models in the world. While I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made, we’re just getting started.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce Martin Kon as Cohere’s new President & COO. From his role as CFO of Google's YouTube division (known internally as Business Finance Officer), Martin brings extensive experience delivering innovative products to market, optimizing existing ones, and creating new revenue streams. At YouTube, Martin led global strategy, finance, business operations and commercial data analytics functions. His team worked closely with stakeholders across YouTube and Google to launch and optimize many new products and businesses such as YT Shorts, rolling them out to YouTube's two billion plus users and millions of creators. He managed a sustainable balance of revenue, growth and margin for YouTube’s multi-billion dollar global business — truly operating at scale. Before joining Google, Martin was Senior Partner & Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group, and had over 20 years experience advising C-Suite executives at major enterprises around the world, especially in tech, media, and telecoms.

Martin will join Cohere on February 1, focused on understanding enterprise customer needs, bringing commercial products and solutions to market, and helping businesses realize enormous value from harnessing the power of language models. With Martin’s network and experience, I look forward to ushering in Cohere’s next chapter, one where we establish ourselves as the commercial leader of language AI.

Massive strides have been made in artificial intelligence, but to date, companies have focused primarily on research. Cohere’s focus is on helping businesses of all sizes better take advantage of language models in the real world — whether through predictive text generation like in copywriting, or through other functions like search, conversational AI, summarization and content moderation.

Every business uses text. In fact, nearly all data generated by humans is in the form of language, but few companies today have the resources to leverage it. That's why we believe understanding human language is the next frontier for artificial intelligence. And that’s why, regardless of industry, size, or geography, every business stands to benefit from NLP.

As an experienced global leader with the know-how to engage with global enterprises to understand their needs, bring new in-demand products to market, and operate at scale, Martin will be instrumental in addressing the massive commercial opportunities of NLP for business. Please join me in welcoming him to Cohere.

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