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Revolutionize Your Content Workflow with Text Summarization

Revolutionize Your Content Workflow with Text Summarization


Unleash the Power of Cohere's AI-Powered Text Summarization for Lightning-Fast Insights


Tired of sifting through endless text to find the key points? Cohere's AI-powered text summarization tool is here to save the day. Instantly condense text down to its essence, conquer information overload, and seamlessly integrate NLP into your content apps.

Condense text down to key points instantly

Using Cohere’s generation language model, you can summarize text at massive scale.

Conquer Information Overload

To tackle information overload and prioritize key business objectives, teams can extract the gist of longer documents and articles by identifying their key concepts.

News articles

Build apps that extract and summarize insights from news articles across multiple industries, so your users can focus on higher level tasks. No model training required.

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Summarize anything quickly and accurately

Stay on top of huge volumes of text, without missing critical insights

Save time, effort, and stress

Capture important ideas and information quickly to help you stay productive.

  • Feed the Cohere API with a piece of text and it quickly summarizes the key points
  • Configure parameters to further refine your output
  • Easy to use and implement — API-based, no model training required

Exclusively trained to summarize

Eliminate the need for the right prompt or instruction, just insert text.

  • Capture only the relevant information
  • Enjoy hassle-free summarizations
  • Get up and running in no time

Power your content apps with NLP

It’s easy to integrate Cohere into your apps using the platform’s simple API and set of language-specific SDKs.

  • Works with your stack — multiple SDKs available
  • Easily customize Cohere models with your own datasets
  • Get started with out-of-the-box code samples

Summarize or paraphrase text easily

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Cohere's AI-powered text summarization tool offers an invaluable solution for conquering information overload and streamlining content consumption. By condensing text down to its core essence, you can focus on what truly matters, enhancing productivity and staying ahead in today's fast-paced world.

Don't wait to revolutionize your content consumption and workflow. Discover how to build powerful NLP apps, learn how to use Cohere for large-scale text summarization, and explore ways to integrate summarization into your apps with Cohere's resources:

Ready to revolutionize your workflow? Create an account and start building with Cohere's Summarize beta today! Get started with Cohere today and unlock the full potential of NLP-powered text summarization. Contact our sales team to learn more about getting up and running in no time, and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free summarization.

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